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Man accused of molesting stepdaughter, giving her alcohol


Nassau, BAHAMAS – A 39-year-old man is accused of molesting his 15-year-old stepdaughter after giving her alcohol on September 9.

The man was charged on Friday with unlawful sexual intercourse with a dependent and cruelty to children.

After he allegedly gave his stepdaughter alcohol, the man allegedly touched her inappropriately and had oral sex her.

He didn’t have to enter pleas to the charges and was denied bail.

However, he can apply for bail in the Supreme Court.

His next court date is November 7.

The man’s name has been withheld to conceal his victim’s identity.

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Former wanted man charged in triple shooting


Nassau, BAHAMAS- A former wanted man is behind bars after being charged with a triple shooting left a man dead.

Prosecutors say 28-year-old Delano Kelly is responsible for the drive-by shooting that killed Seth Strachan and injured Vantonio Cambridge and Shavanda Simms.

The victims were standing in front of a sports bar on Comfort and Hay Streets when the occupants of a car approached and opened fire.

Kelly was not required to enter a plea to the charge when he appeared before Acting Chief Magistrate Roberto Reckley on Friday.

Bail was denied and he returns to court on November 16.

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Man accused of murder of gang member


Nassau, BAHAMAS-A 22-year-old man is accused of shooting and killing a gang member in Yellow Elder Gardens.

Denero Whyms, of Seymour Street, is charged with the September 10 murder of Katraz Coakley, a member of the Grove Hot Niggas gang.

He was running along Lightbourne Street when Whyms allegedly shot him in the head and body.

At the time of his murder, Coakley was on bail for two murders.

Whyms didn’t have to plead to the murder charge when he stood before Acting Chief Magistrate Roberto Reckley.

Bail was denied and he returns to court on November 16 to receive a voluntary bill of indictment.

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Woman jailed for gun in police station drops appeal


Nassau, BAHAMAS- A woman jailed for two years and six months after a loaded gun was found in a police station has dropped her appeal.

Annette Johnson admitted to stashing a loaded 40mm pistol in the bathroom of the Grove Police Station following her arrest in 2022.

The court rejected her defense that she acted under duress.

Johnson said her boyfriend Dino Smith gave her the gun to hide after two policemen stopped their car.

She hid the weapon in her underwear.

Police arrested the couple after finding $8,000 in the car, which was believed to be the proceeds of crime.

While at the station, Johnson asked to use the bathroom. After she used the bathroom, an officer found the gun in the toilet tank.

Johnson was convicted along with Smith.

However, he was freed from prison in July after the Court of Appeal ruled that Johnson’s post-arrest statement was not evidence against him.

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Man faces 40 to 50 years for second murder conviction


Nassau, BAHAMAS – Prosecutors have asked a judge to sentence a man convicted of a second murder to 40 to 50 years.

Mark McKenzie, otherwise known as Kenzal Higgins, is already serving 40 years in prison for murder.

McKenzie’s most recent conviction concerns the murder of Carlos Adderley.

He was shot dead on a basketball court near a church in Blue Hills Estates in January 2017.

Justice Franklyn Williams will deliver his sentencing judgment on October 12.

McKenzie is doing time for the February 2017 murder of Leslie Green.

And prosecutors are preparing to try him for the December 2016 shooting murder of Maurice Johnson.

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COI supporter accused of death threats to PM


A man allegedly called a police station with an ultimatum: Release Lincoln Bain or Prime Minister Philip Davis is dead, a court heard.

Prosecutors say 21-year-old Isaac Roberts made the threatening call to the Central Police Station on February 8.

Constable 4508 Maycock said he became afraid after an unknown man made the demand for the release of the leader of the Coalition of Independents after 8am.

Bain had been arrested following a protest.

With help from BTC and Aliv, investigators determined that Roberts made the call.

He was arrested around 2pm and allegedly admitted to calling the station during a subsequent interview.

While Roberts said he had no plans to kill the prime minister, he told cops that someone else might because of the way the government handled immigration.

He claimed that “illegal immigrants” were working without permits and getting free land.

Roberts’ lawyer, Bjorn Ferguson, has argued that the case is flawed.

Although Roberts is accused of threatening the prime minister, he never made a complaint to the police.

As a result, he won’t be testifying.

The prosecution argued that the prime minister’s testimony isn’t necessary and that commissioner of police is the complainant.

Acting Chief Magistrate Roberto Reckley is hearing the case.

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Suspect and child die as cops probe disturbance


A man and a child in his care died Tuesday morning as police investigated a disturbance at their home.

It all began when police went to an apartment on Family Street off Soldier Road around 12:30am.

The officers met a naked man, who claimed that his landlord had tried to kill him and his girlfriend in their apartment.

The landlord reportedly knocked on the door to their apartment in the wee hours of the morning.

When they opened it, the landlord reportedly attacked the male tenant and “beat his clothes off.”

When the police officers went to question the landlord, he allegedly locked himself inside and  jumped through a window in an attempt to escape.

The officers caught and arrested the landlord. While questioning the complainants, the police officers learned that the landlord had a young boy in his care.

The officers went inside the apartment to check on the toddler and found him dead on a bed.

When the officers went to the check on landlord, who was handcuffed, he was also dead.

Police are trying to determine the relationship between the landlord and the child.

The officers who responded to the call were wearing body cameras.

Two men accused of sex crimes on teen girls


Nassau, BAHAMAS- Two men have been accused of sex crimes involving two 15-year-old girls on Harbour Island.

William Lewis, 39, and Alonzo Pinder, 25, both of Harbour Island, face charges of unlawful sexual intercourse.

Lewis allegedly had sex with the minor on August 15th and 29th while Pinder is accused of having sex with an underage girl between June and July of 2023.

The age of consent in heterosexual relationships is 16.

Lewis and Pinder didn’t have to plead to the charges when they appeared before Senior Magistrate Carolyn Vogt-Evans.

They were denied bail as the magistrate lacks jurisdiction to consider bail for the offense.

However, their lawyer Ian Cargill, is expected to seek bail in the Supreme Court.

The matter has been adjourned to January 25, 2024, for the presentation of a voluntary bill of indictment.

Bungling cops put wrong pic on wanted poster twice


Police officers on Monday made two glaring back-to-back errors when they claimed 20-year-old Lilliana Pierre was wanted for murder.

The wanted bulletin with a photo of a woman who appeared to be in her mid-40s was recalled shortly after its release.

Police then re-issued the same poster with another photo of a woman, who appeared to be in her early 20s.

But once again, the bulletin was recalled because it contained incorrect information.

It’s not the first time that police have been left egg-faced over the issuance of wanted posters.

In the past, police officers have issued wanted posters for people years after they died. On one occasion, police put out a wanted bulletin for a complainant in a case instead of the suspect.

Investigation after cops assault teen at mall


Nassau, BAHAMAS- An investigation is underway after police officers assigned to the Mall at Marathon were filmed manhandling and hitting a student.

The incident happened on Friday.

Caught on camera: cops assault teen

In the now-viral video, two police officers on patrol in a golf cart ordering the teen to “go home and find the bus stop.”

An officer takes offense to the child’s response, and asks, “Who you think you talking to?”

Both officers grabbed the boy while one of them hits him with a cane as they drag him to the golf cart.

In December 2021, the government settled a lawsuit after two police officers assaulted a student at a BAISS track meet.

That incident was also caught on video. In the video, Constable 4016 Cumberbatch orders the boy to walk over a barricade. But Cumberbatch shoved the boy as he complied, causing him to stumble.

Then Cumberbatch and Constable Barry Brown grab the boy’s shirt and handcuff him.

The Attorney General’s initially contested the suit. However, they agreed to settle after a two-day trial before Justice Diane Stewart.

The teen received $26,000 in damages and his lawyer, Christina Galanos, was awarded $20,000 in legal costs.

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