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Woman jailed for gun in police station drops appeal

Nassau, BAHAMAS- A woman jailed for two years and six months after a loaded gun was found in a police station has dropped her appeal.

Annette Johnson admitted to stashing a loaded 40mm pistol in the bathroom of the Grove Police Station following her arrest in 2022.

The court rejected her defense that she acted under duress.

Johnson said her boyfriend Dino Smith gave her the gun to hide after two policemen stopped their car.

She hid the weapon in her underwear.

Police arrested the couple after finding $8,000 in the car, which was believed to be the proceeds of crime.

While at the station, Johnson asked to use the bathroom. After she used the bathroom, an officer found the gun in the toilet tank.

Johnson was convicted along with Smith.

However, he was freed from prison in July after the Court of Appeal ruled that Johnson’s post-arrest statement was not evidence against him.

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