Doctor Adrian Rolle faces new drug charge

Dr Adrian Rolle
Dr Adrian Rolle is back in legal trouble after police allegedly found 1.7 pounds of marijuana at his home in Balmoral Villlas.

Nassau, BAHAMAS- Doctor Adrian Rolle is once again facing drug possession charges.
Police arrested the 54-year-old doctor on May 2 after they allegedly found 1.7 pounds of marijuana while searching his home at Balmoral Villas.
He pleaded bot guilty to possession of dangerous drugs with intent to supply and was granted $4,000 bail.
Dr Rolle returns to court in November for his trial.
This isn’t the first time that the controversial physician has been before the courts.
In 2019, Magistrate Samuel McKinney convicted Rolle of possession of almost seven ounces of marijuana.
As a result, he was sentenced to probation for two years and ordered to perform community service.
Cops found the marijuana after Rolle called them on his now ex-girlfriend Sky Holbert after she broke his car’s windows in a rage.
Once the officers arrived, Rolle asked them to arrest Holbert for property damage.
That’s when she snapped, “You is a pussy. And officer, y’all worrying about, he gat plenty dope upstairs.”
Acting on Holbert’s tip, the officers found the marijuana on Rolle’s kitchen counter.
What’s more, Rolle received no penalty for shooting a man in the legs.
He absolute discharge after he pleaded guilty to blasting Holbert’s baby daddy in the legs with a shotgun.