Albany boss’ son Spencer Charrington quizzed about groping woman

Spencer Charrington
Police have quizzed Spencer Charrington, the son of Albany senior partner Peter Charrington, about groping a woman at the exclusive resort.

Nassau, BAHAMAS- Police have quizzed Spencer Charrington, the son of a top boss at the exclusive Albany Resort, after he allegedly groped a woman.
Diana and Philippe Gagnon were dancing at the $1,000 per head Moulin Rouge-themed White Party on January 1 when a man wearing a dress groped Mrs. Gagnon’s butt.
The couple would later learn the crossdresser was Spencer Charrington, the son of Albany senior partner Peter Charrington.
In defense of his wife, Mr. Gagnon says he shooed Spencer Charrington away.
But after he persisted in invading the couple’s personal space, Mr. Gagnon slapped him.
What happened next, threw the couple’s life into a tailspin.
First, Mr. Gagnon, who had been a member in good standing of the exclusive resort for a decade, was banned from the club.
Then, weeks later, Albany’s Chief Operations Officer Damien Michelmore kicked his wife off the premises as she played tennis with friends.
This happened after the Gagnons refused to sign a release, clearing Spencer Charrington of any liability concerning the incident.
Police arrested Mr Gagnon in April and charged him with unlawfully causing harm to Spencer Charrington—a charge that he intends to defend at trial.
But Spencer, whose alleged actions provoked the slap, hasn’t been charged, although the Gagnons had two witnesses to the alleged groping. Police arrested and questioned Spencer about the indecent assault on April 4.
However, he remains uncharged.
Spencer denied that indecently assaulting Mrs Gagnon and claimed that he was “complimenting” her dress.
The Gagnons have made a complaint to the Police Corruption Unit about the failure of officers at the Western Police Station to bring charges.
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