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Case tossed after Albany boss Peter Charrington caught coaching witnesses


Nassau, BAHAMAS- A magistrate on Monday dismissed a case against businessman Philippe Gagnon after finding that the prosecution’s witnesses had been coached.
The 55-year-old businessman was charged with causing harm to Spencer Charrington, the son of Albany top executive Peter Charrington.
The charge stemmed from an incident at a Moulin Rouge themed New Year’s Eve party held at the resort on January 1 after Philippe’s wife Diana accused Charrington of groping her butt.
However, Mr Gagnon is the only person to face court over the incident since police have failed to act on his wife’s complaint of indecent assault, although she had two witnesses.
Charrington was arrested and quizzed about the incident on April 4 and released pending further investigations. The Gagnons have filed a complaint with the Corruption Unit over the police’s failure to deal with their complaint.
In court, Charrington alleged that he was slapped on his cheek and punched to the stomach after he innocently complimented Mrs Gagnon about her pretty feathered dress.
The theater student at McDaniel College in Maryland, who wore a dress and a feathered headpiece at the party, said he wasn’t sure she heard the alleged compliment, as he denied approaching the 35-year-old from behind and touching her butt, as he’s “not attracted to women.” “I thought it was pretty, I liked the feathers,” he said of Diana’s outfit.
Charrington, who wore pants and a long sleeved shirt during his testimony, insisted that Mr Gagnon, a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, didn’t tell him to go away three times before he slapped him on the dance floor.
Charrington said that he was at the party with four of his friends, whom he was unable to name when pressed by defense lawyer Bjorn Ferguson.
Explaining his inability to name his friends, Charrington said, “There was a lot going on that night sir.”
He glanced at his parents throughout his testimony and they appeared to gesture to him.
According to Charrington, there were other women on the dancefloor, whom he also complimented on their attire throughout the night, before the assault took place.
He said he didn’t compliment the other two women, who were near to Mrs Gagnon,
Charrington claimed that his assailant was wearing red, white and blue, though pictures of the event show Gagnon in a red vest.
He said Albany’s head butler Lavardo Bethel intervened and escorted Gagnon and his wife were escorted from the premises.
Charrington he went to the hospital and was given an injection for pain. According to him, he had immense swelling to his jaw that affected his ability to eat for several weeks. Notably, Charrington didn’t claim to suffer any injuries as a result of the alleged punch to the stomach.
Bethel testified that Gagnon was wearing a yellow vest when he hit Charrington. He also said that there were no other women on the dance floor.

Man killed in shootout with police


NASSAU, BAHAMAS- Police shot and killed a man during a shootout that left an officer injured Thursday morning.
According to police, officers went to Delaporte to investigate a report of suspicious activity around 1:30am on May 9.
The officers reportedly saw a man who was behaving in a suspicious
As the officers exited their patrol car to confront him, this man allegedly opened fired on them, prompting a shootout.
The suspect died on the scene and police allegedly recovered a firearm and ammunition.
The officer was shot in the upper body and is in stable condition at the hospital.
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Albany boss’ son Spencer Charrington quizzed about groping woman


Nassau, BAHAMAS- Police have quizzed Spencer Charrington, the son of a top boss at the exclusive Albany Resort, after he allegedly groped a woman.
Diana and Philippe Gagnon were dancing at the $1,000 per head Moulin Rouge-themed White Party on January 1 when a man wearing a dress groped Mrs. Gagnon’s butt.
The couple would later learn the crossdresser was Spencer Charrington, the son of Albany senior partner Peter Charrington.
In defense of his wife, Mr. Gagnon says he shooed Spencer Charrington away.
But after he persisted in invading the couple’s personal space, Mr. Gagnon slapped him.
What happened next, threw the couple’s life into a tailspin.
First, Mr. Gagnon, who had been a member in good standing of the exclusive resort for a decade, was banned from the club.
Then, weeks later, Albany’s Chief Operations Officer Damien Michelmore kicked his wife off the premises as she played tennis with friends.
This happened after the Gagnons refused to sign a release, clearing Spencer Charrington of any liability concerning the incident.
Police arrested Mr Gagnon in April and charged him with unlawfully causing harm to Spencer Charrington—a charge that he intends to defend at trial.
But Spencer, whose alleged actions provoked the slap, hasn’t been charged, although the Gagnons had two witnesses to the alleged groping. Police arrested and questioned Spencer about the indecent assault on April 4.
However, he remains uncharged.
Spencer denied that indecently assaulting Mrs Gagnon and claimed that he was “complimenting” her dress.
The Gagnons have made a complaint to the Police Corruption Unit about the failure of officers at the Western Police Station to bring charges.
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Doctor Adrian Rolle faces new drug charge


Nassau, BAHAMAS- Doctor Adrian Rolle is once again facing drug possession charges.
Police arrested the 54-year-old doctor on May 2 after they allegedly found 1.7 pounds of marijuana while searching his home at Balmoral Villas.
He pleaded bot guilty to possession of dangerous drugs with intent to supply and was granted $4,000 bail.
Dr Rolle returns to court in November for his trial.
This isn’t the first time that the controversial physician has been before the courts.
In 2019, Magistrate Samuel McKinney convicted Rolle of possession of almost seven ounces of marijuana.
As a result, he was sentenced to probation for two years and ordered to perform community service.
Cops found the marijuana after Rolle called them on his now ex-girlfriend Sky Holbert after she broke his car’s windows in a rage.
Once the officers arrived, Rolle asked them to arrest Holbert for property damage.
That’s when she snapped, “You is a pussy. And officer, y’all worrying about, he gat plenty dope upstairs.”
Acting on Holbert’s tip, the officers found the marijuana on Rolle’s kitchen counter.
What’s more, Rolle received no penalty for shooting a man in the legs.
He absolute discharge after he pleaded guilty to blasting Holbert’s baby daddy in the legs with a shotgun.

Influencer Roxie Starr and boyfriend face drug charges after deadly shooting


Nassau, BAHAMAS- The boyfriend of social media influencer Roxie Starr is behind bars after he allegedly shot dead a fleeing man.
Prosecutors say 41-year-old fisherman Deleiko McPhee, whose street name is Fire, acted unlawfully when he shot dead Jamal Forbes on April 28.
Forbes and another man, Lubins Fenelus, are alleged to have burglarised the apartment that McPhee shared with Starr, real name Sherelle Duncombe, and Jefferson Storr at Royal Palm Estates.
McPhee is alleged to have chased and shot at the intruders as they fled the residence.
The incident was reportedly captured on the building’s surveillance cameras.
When police arrived at the scene, they arrested McPhee, Duncombe and Starr after they seized 714 pounds of marijuana from the residence.
McPhee faces charges of murder, attempted murder, possession of an unlicensed 9mm pistol and possession of three unfired rounds of 9mm ammunition regarding the shooting.
McPhee, Duncombe and Storr are charged with possession of dangerous drugs with intent to supply and conspiracy to possess dangerous drugs with intent to supply in relation to the marijuana seizure.
They denied the drug charges at their arraignment before Chief Magistrate Roberto Reckley.
Duncombe and Storr were each granted $50,000 bail and ordered to wear ankle bracelets.
Their drug trial is set for August 20.
McPhee is expected to receive a voluntary bill of indictment for the murder, attempted murder and gun charges on the same date.
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Man accused of killing fellow gang member denied bail for his safety

Grove Hot Niggas member Katraz Coakley was allegedly killed by a fellow gang member
Nassau, BAHAMAS- A man accused of killing a fellow gang member has been denied bail for his own safety.
Denero Whyms, described by authorities as a soldier in the Grove Hot Niggas Gang, is charged with the September 10, 2023 of Katraz Coakley.
According to authorities, the fellow gang members were running together on Lightbourne Avenue when Whyms shot Lightbourne in the head, killing him on the spot.
Police said both men were dressed in black and wearing gloves and masks.
In refusing bail, Grant-Thompson cited the high number of gang-related retaliatory killings.
At the time of his death, Coakley was on bail for two murders that took place in 2018.
He was charged with the April 2018 murder of Christian Moree, the attempted murders of Romello Moss and Tarsman Clarke, and the fatal shooting of Roland Williams in June 2018.
Coakley had recently been freed from prison for violating the terms of his bail by failing to charge his ankle bracelet.
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Man convicted of web shop murder


Nassau, Bahamas- A Supreme Court jury has convicted William Etienne of killing a 42-year-old man in cold blood as he used a computer at a web shop in August 2018.
Prosecutors say William Etienne shot Alvin Strachan, described as a cripple, multiple times after accusing him of insulting his mother.
Etienne, who frequented the FML Web Shop on Balfour Avenue and East Street daily, admitted to going to the business on the day of the murder; however, he denied he was the killer.
In his testimony, Etienne said that he was at a car wash on Miami Street.
However, when questioned about police by the murder days later, Etienne claimed that he was at his father’s tailor shop, which is across the street from the web shop.
Justice Franklyn Williams KC will hold a sentencing hearing on February 8.
Kenny Thompson prosecuted and Etienne decided to represent himself.
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Gang members begs to return to jail


Nassau,BAHAMAS- A gang member is back in prison after being a judge to send him there for his safety.

Anthon Munroe, reportedly a member of the Grove Hot Niggas, made the request days after rivals shot up his home.

After the attempt on his life, Munroe made an emergency application to have his bail revoked, using an argument often used by prosecutors when they object to bail.

Munroe had been on bail for over a year while awaiting trial for the murder of Shermalle Ferguson Jr at First Street, Coconut Grove on September 15, 2020.

Ferguson was sitting in a car when a gunman, whom prosecutors say is Munroe, approached on a motorcycle and shot him multiple times.

Authorities have said that the high number of retaliatory killings makes being released on bail a death sentence.

But the judicial system has been unable to keep pace with the crime rate, causing people to be freed on bail because they can’t be tried within a reasonable time.

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Man jailed for illegal relationship with teen girl


Nassau, Bahamas- A 40–year-old funeral director has been jailed for five years for having an illegal sexual relationship with his teenage girlfriend.

Godfrey Gray, then 37, began a sexual relationship with the 14-year-old girl, whom he met at a funeral, in October 2020.

In December 2020, he was arrested and charged with unlawful sexual intercourse once the child’s parents learned about their “relationship.”

Gray was released on bail in January 2021 on the condition that he had no contact with his teen girlfriend.

While free on bail, Gray resumed his sexual relationship with the child. Police caught him and the child at Smith’s Motel on East Street in March 2021.

He was charged with additional counts of unlawful sexual intercourse and remanded into custody.

Gray took a plea deal in the cases this week and was sentenced to five years in prison.

The time he’s spent in custody will be deducted from his overall sentence.

After completing his sentence, Gray will be on probation for two years. A conviction during the probationary period will land him in jail for a year.

Gray’s teen victim is now 16 years old.

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Ex-prison officer accused of gang member’s murder granted bail

Nassau, BAHAMAS- A former prison officer accused of murdering a reputed member of the Grove Hot Niggas street gang has been granted bail.
Desmond Gilbert is charged with the October 21 murder of Valenbino McKenzie, otherwise known as Debo.
Gilbert’s bail has been set at $20,000 and he’s required to surrender his passport, wear an ankle bracelet, keep a curfew and check in at a police station.
McKenzie was in the front of his home on First Street in Coconut Grove when he was ambushed by two gunmen, one of them alleged to be Gilbert.
McKenzie ran for his life, but the armed thugs pursued him and shot him multiple times, killing him on the spot.
The day after McKenzie’s murder, Gilbert was shot in the leg while in the front of his home in Big Pond.
It’s unclear if the incidents are related.
Gilbert survived another attempt on his life in April 2022.
Gunmen opened fire on the car he was traveling with within minutes of his release on bail on a gun charge.

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