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Ex-prison officer charged with gang member’s murder

Nassau, BAHAMAS- A former prison officer has been denied bail after being charged with the murder of reputed member of the Grove Hot Niggas street gang.

Prosecutors say 28-year-old Desmond Gilbert is responsible for the October 21 murder of Valenbino McKenzie, otherwise known as Debo.

He didn’t have to enter a plea and was denied bail.

Gilbert’s next court date is February 8, 2024.

McKenzie was in the front of his home on First Street in Coconut Grove when he was ambushed by two gunmen.

McKenzie ran for his life, but the armed thugs pursued him and shot him multiple times, killing him on the spot.

The day after McKenzie’s murder, Gilbert was shot in the leg while in the front of his home in Big Pond.

It’s unclear if the incidents are related.

Gilbert survived another attempt on his life last April.

Gunmen opened fire on the car he was traveling with within minutes of his release on bail on a gun charge.



Mental tests order for man accused of stabbing coworker


Nassau, BAHAMAS- A man accused of stabbing his coworker will undergo a psychiatric evaluation which will determine if he’s fit to plead.

David Poitier, 27, was arrested on October 24 after he allegedly stabbed 28-year-old Kandace Clarke in the back while at Poseidon’s Table in the Atlantis resort.

Poitier appeared before Magistrate Algernon Allen Jr to be formally charged with causing grievous harm and assault with a deadly weapon in relation to the incident.

Poitier, who has reportedly been receiving outpatient treatment for psychosis, was remanded into custody.

He returns to court on November 17.

Prison officer accused of sex with woman with mental disorder


A Bahamas Department of Corrections officer will experience life behind bars after he was remanded to prison for allegedly having sex with a person with a mental disorder.

Christopher Gomez, 24, allegedly committed the crimes in July and August.

Prosecutors say the woman lacked the mental capacity to give consent.

Gomez didn’t have to enter a plea to the charges of unlawful sexual intercourse with a person with a mental disorder when he appeared before Senior Magistrate Carolyn Bigt-Evans.

The magistrate denied bail as she lacks jurisdiction to consider bail for the offense.

Gomez didn’t have a lawyer. As a result, he was unable to get an expedited bail hearing.

Man arrested after stabbing coworker


Nassau, BAHAMAS- Police have arrested a 27-year-old man on suspicion of his stabbing his coworker at a local resort.

According to police, the man got into a fight with the 28-year-old woman and stabbed her.

The incident happened around 9am on Tuesday.

She was released from the hospital after being treated for her injury.

Rasta who lost challenge to drug law gets probation


Nassau, BAHAMAS- A Rastafarian man whose drug arrest prompted a constitutional challenge to the Dangerous Drugs Act has pleaded guilty.

Police arrested Lorenzo Stubbs after they found 1.6 ounces of marijuana during a December 28, 2020 raid on his home.

The trial was put on hold after Stubbs challenged the drug legislation on the basis that infringed his right to religious freedoms.

In August, Justice Loren Klein dismissed the motion, paving the way for Stubbs’s trial to proceed.

Stubbs pleaded guilty to possession of dangerous drugs when he appeared before Acting Chief Magistrate Roberto Reckley this week.

He was placed on probation for eight months and ordered to perform 100 hours of community service.

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Man convicted of teen’s 2004 rape and kidnapping


Nassau, BAHAMAS- A man who abducted a 14-year-old girl from her home, held her captive for four days and sexually assaulted has been convicted 19 years later.

Lincoln Poitier, 62, is expected to learn his fate for the January 2004 crimes on December 12.

Poitier was convicted of forcible detention, unlawful sexual intercourse and kidnapping.

He was a close friend of the now 34-year-old victim’s family and was allowed to take her to Junkanoo and other events.

But on January 3, Poitier betrayed the family’s trust and didn’t bring the girl home.

Instead, he handcuffed her and tied her to a tree in bushes near the Airport Industrial Park.

Poitier raped the teen twice during her captivity.

She was rescued on January 8 after she was able to slip out of her cuffs due to extreme weight loss.

Police didn’t catch Poitier until more than three years after the teen’s rescue.

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Man awaiting retrial for 2014 murder is killed


A man on bail in relation to a 2014 murder became a murder victim himself when he was gunned down in broad daylight on Monday.

T’iano D’Haiti was shot dead while at Fleming and Market Streets.

He was on bail for the October 28, 2014 fatal shooting of Andre Cartwight, who was killed in a home invasion in Blair Estates.

D’Haiti was convicted in 2017 and sentenced to 49 years in prison.

However, his conviction was overturned on appeal in 2020.

He was granted bail pending a retrial into the allegation.

Doctor accused of giving teen abortion granted bail


A doctor accused of giving an abortion to a 15-year-old girl has been granted $15,000 emergency bail.

Dr. Jamil Minnis, the son of former Prime Minister Hubert Minnis, allegedly performed the abortion at his clinic in Harbour Island, Eleuthera on September 4.

The teenager’s mother and sister, who face charges of conspiracy to commit abortion and an abortion, were also each granted $15,000 bail.

The trio appeared before Justice a Guillimina Archer-Minns for an emergency bail hearing hours after they were remanded into custody by Magistrate Shaka Serville.

They face a potential sentence of up to 10 years’ imprisonment if convicted.

Serial rapist convicted


Serial rapist Christopher Forbes has been convicted of the rape and armed robbery of a woman who was exercising.

Forbes, while armed with a cutlass, dragged the woman into bushes on May 6, 2022. He tied her up, raped her twice and took two cellphones from her.

Justice Jeanine Weech-Gomez will hold the penalty phase of Forbes’ trial on December 6.

Forbes, 26, was freed from prison in January 2022 after serving time for a 2013 rape spree that involved six victims.

Four of the women were walking when Forbes pounced on them and forced them into bushes, where he raped them.

Prosecutors seek delay in Shiver murder plot


Nassau, BAHAMAS – A magistrate on Thursday gave prosecutors more time to present evidence against Lindsay Shiver, the American housewife, accused of planning her estranged husband’s murder with two Bahamian co-conspirators.

Shiver, her boyfriend, Terrance Bethel and Faron Newbold Jr, who was allegedly enlisted to carry out the hit made a brief appearance before Acting Chief Magistrate Roberto Reckley.

Prosecutors were supposed to hand over the evidence that will be presented at their murder conspiracy trial. But, the police prosecutor, asked for more time, saying the documents weren’t ready.

Lawyers for the accused urged that there be no further delays in the case.

Shiver’s lawyer, Owen Wells, said that she was eager to get back to her three children.

As a condition of her $100,000 cash bail, Shiver can’t leave The Bahamas until the documents are served.

Meanwhile, Ian Cargill, who appears for Bethel and Newbold, said they had wasted money by traveling from Abaco to New Providence for the hearing.

Cargill said all the parties in the matter involved in the matter wanted the matter resolved so that they could get on with their lives.

Attorney Ciji Smith-Curry held a watching brief for Robert Shiver, the alleged target of the murder plot.