Man accused of killing fellow gang member denied bail for his safety

Grove Hot Niggas member Katraz Coakley was allegedly killed by a fellow gang member
Nassau, BAHAMAS- A man accused of killing a fellow gang member has been denied bail for his own safety.
Denero Whyms, described by authorities as a soldier in the Grove Hot Niggas Gang, is charged with the September 10, 2023 of Katraz Coakley.
According to authorities, the fellow gang members were running together on Lightbourne Avenue when Whyms shot Lightbourne in the head, killing him on the spot.
Police said both men were dressed in black and wearing gloves and masks.
In refusing bail, Grant-Thompson cited the high number of gang-related retaliatory killings.
At the time of his death, Coakley was on bail for two murders that took place in 2018.
He was charged with the April 2018 murder of Christian Moree, the attempted murders of Romello Moss and Tarsman Clarke, and the fatal shooting of Roland Williams in June 2018.
Coakley had recently been freed from prison for violating the terms of his bail by failing to charge his ankle bracelet.
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