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Man convicted of web shop murder

Nassau, Bahamas- A Supreme Court jury has convicted William Etienne of killing a 42-year-old man in cold blood as he used a computer at a web shop in August 2018.
Prosecutors say William Etienne shot Alvin Strachan, described as a cripple, multiple times after accusing him of insulting his mother.
Etienne, who frequented the FML Web Shop on Balfour Avenue and East Street daily, admitted to going to the business on the day of the murder; however, he denied he was the killer.
In his testimony, Etienne said that he was at a car wash on Miami Street.
However, when questioned about police by the murder days later, Etienne claimed that he was at his father’s tailor shop, which is across the street from the web shop.
Justice Franklyn Williams KC will hold a sentencing hearing on February 8.
Kenny Thompson prosecuted and Etienne decided to represent himself.
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