Man who beat murder case back in jail on new charges

Nassau, BAHAMAS- A man cleared of murder on appeal is back behind bars on new charges.

Prosecutors say Deangelo Johnson, of Milton Street, pointed a handgun at his girlfriend, Kenreese Leadon, and threatened her.

Johnson denied charges of threats of harm and assault with a deadly weapon at his arraignment on April 14, claiming he was the victim of a “woman’s wrath.”

He was remanded to prison until June 9.

Prosecutors objected to bail for Johnson on the basis that he would interfere with the complainant.

Johnson suggested that the court impose bail restrictions prohibiting him from coming within 100 feet of his girlfriend.

Magistrate Sandradee Gardiner refused bail because she lacked jurisdiction to consider bail on the assault with a deadly weapon charge.

Murder conviction quashed

Johnson was freed from prison last July after the Court of Appeal overturned his murder conviction.

In 2016, a judge sentenced him to 40 years in prison for the March 8, 2014 murder of James Farrington.

Prosecutors alleged that Johnson opened fire on Farrington as he rode his bicycle past a shortcut on Milton Street.

The prosecution’s principal witness said he saw three men in hoodies running through a shortcut on Milton Street soon after he heard about 10 gunshots.

The witness said that he recognised one of the men as Johnson, whom he had known all his life. According to the witness, Johnson had a gun in his hand.

For his part, Johnson denied a role in the murder. He testified that he was at home waiting for his cousin to cut her birthday cake.

The cousin supported Johnson’s alibi, testifying they were at home when they heard the gunshots.

The Court of Appeal ruled the case should have been withdrawn from the jury since the quality of the identification was inadequate. As a result, the court overturned the conviction and did not order a retrial.