Appeal filed after convict freed on bail


Albee: He was bailed on $5,000 instead of jailed

The Crown has appealed the grant of bail to American boat captain Peter Albee immediately after his conviction and sentence for a 2017 stabbing.
Ordinarily, a challenge to the grant of bail prevents the release of the applicant.
But Albee, of Plantation, Florida, had already left the country by the time officials realized he’d been bailed and not jailed.
Chief Magistrate Joyann Ferguson-Pratt released Albee on $5,000 shortly Senior Magistrate Carolyn Vogt-Evans sentenced him to 18 months for causing grievous bodily harm on September 4.
The appeal questions whether the chief magistrate had the authority to grant him bail.
During his testimony, Albee, 62, smugly admitted to stabbing Jak Hannaby-Cummins, as he tried to evict him from his parents’ guest house in Port New Providence.
Albee had been given board as part of his employment with the family. But he refused to vacate the premises after his dismissal.