Ex-prison officer accused of gang member’s murder granted bail

Ex-prison officer Desmond Gilbert is charged with murder

Nassau, BAHAMAS- A former prison officer accused of murdering a reputed member of the Grove Hot Niggas street gang has been granted bail.
Desmond Gilbert is charged with the October 21 murder of Valenbino McKenzie, otherwise known as Debo.
Gilbert’s bail has been set at $20,000 and he’s required to surrender his passport, wear an ankle bracelet, keep a curfew and check in at a police station.
McKenzie was in the front of his home on First Street in Coconut Grove when he was ambushed by two gunmen, one of them alleged to be Gilbert.
McKenzie ran for his life, but the armed thugs pursued him and shot him multiple times, killing him on the spot.
The day after McKenzie’s murder, Gilbert was shot in the leg while in the front of his home in Big Pond.
It’s unclear if the incidents are related.
Gilbert survived another attempt on his life in April 2022.
Gunmen opened fire on the car he was traveling with within minutes of his release on bail on a gun charge.

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