Armored truck employees charged with $1.4m theft

Nassau, BAHAMAS – Two employees of an armored car company are accused of stealing $1.4 million from the Bank of The Bahamas.
Oral Roberts, 34, and Akeil Holmes, 26, are charged with stealing and conspiracy to commit stealing.
Holmes faces charges of receiving of receiving and money laundering in relation to the $45,000 that was recovered from the heist.
The men were transporting $1,475,000 for the bank on November 2. They claim the theft occurred when the cash-filled car used by the company was left unattended at the airport.
However, police investigators believe the theft was an inside job.
Roberts and Holmes denied the charges at their arraignment before Magistrate Kendra Kelly.
Bail was set at $250,000 with two or three sureties and the accused will be fitted with ankle bracelets.
Their trial is set for February 20 and 21, 2024.