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Man denies stealing Bahamas government-owned phone

Thief stole phone and cash from Health Minister Duane Sands' official car.
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Brunaro Moxey remanded over theft of phone and money from Cabinet Minister’s car

Nassau, BAHAMAS-A man accused of stealing $800 and a cell phone from a Bahamas government minister’s car has been denied bail.

Health Minister Dr. Duane Sands’ official car, a 2016 Toyota Avalon, CM 8, was parked at his home on the Eastern Road, when a thief took his briefcase.

Police found the briefcase minus the money and Samsung S-10 cellphone. The phone belonged to The Bahamas government.

As a result, police charged Brunaro Moxey with the November 17, 2019 theft.

Moxey, 29, of Gibbs Corner, denied the theft charge at his arraignment.

The magistrate sent Moxey to prison until March 31.

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