Cops face lawsuit over wrong wanted poster

The police force is facing a lawsuit after clumsy cops issued this wanted poster that mistakenly named Lilliana Pierre as a murder suspect.

Nassau, BAHAMAS- A woman intends to file a lawsuit against the police force after they mistakenly put her on a wanted poster on September 11.

Lilliana Pierre, 20, was on her way to work when she saw the Royal Bahamas Police Force’s poster with her name, age, address and photo on it.

Since she was in the area, Pierre went to Criminal Investigation Department to clear her name.

The poster claimed that she was wanted for murder.

It was a correction to a poster that contained Pierre’s personal details and another woman’s photo.

Soon after, police spokeswoman Chief Superintendent Chrislyn Skippings asked the media to stop circulating the poster because it wasn’t accurate.

Still, the clarification was not as widely shared as the erroneous wanted poster.

However, the poster had already gone viral on social media and was still being shared, exposing Pierre to ridicule and shame.

What’s worse, Skippings didn’t publicly say that Pierre was named as a suspect in error until September 16.

She described the clumsiness of the cops as “human error.”

Police have since named 25-year-old Aaliyah Smith as the murder suspect.

Pierre’s lawyer, Christina Galanos, said she plans to sue.

Unfortunately, Bahamian taxpayers will pick up the tab.

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