Bail for teen accused of indecent assault on girl, 8

Nassau, BAHAMAS- A teenager accused of indecently assaulting his eight-year-old stepsister has been granted $9,500 bail.

As a condition of his bail, the 17-year-old will leave the family home and live with another relative.

He will wear an ankle monitor to track his movements and he’s forbidden from coming within 100 feet of his little sister.

The teen also has to sign in weekly at a police station until his case is concluded.

Prosecutors allege that the indecent assaults took place from January 1 to August 13 of 2023.

The teen did not accept the charge when he appeared before the Juvenile Court with his guardian and lawyer on August 17.

He was remanded to the Simpson Penn School. He was granted by Justice Cheryl Grant-Thompson this week. The prosecution didn’t object to his release.

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