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Murder suspect’s denied bail for his safety

NASSAU- A man accused of shooting dead two men and injuring a woman in March has been denied bail for his protection.

The Court of Appeal on Thursday agreed with a judge that 22-year-old Dentwan Grant should remain in custody for his safety.

Grant is charged with the murders of accused killer Franklyn Glinton, Clinton McClean and the attempted murder of Brianna Grant.

Significantly, Glinton was on bail for murder when he was shot dead.

The murder and attempted murder charges arise from a shooting at Millar’s Heights on March 5.

Prosecutors contend that Grant could become a murder victim if released, as an attempt has already been made on his life.

They allege that the murders of Glinton and McClean were payback for an attempt on Grant’s life.

Justice Guillimina Archer-Minns denied Grant bail on May 6, citing concerns over his safety.

The Court of Appeal found that her reason for denying bail was correct and upheld her decision.

The Court also noted that any retaliation on Grant could jeopardise the safety of others in the area.

The ruling comes as authorities have expressed concern about the number of people on bail who’ve been murdered.

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