Prosecutors seek delay in Shiver murder plot

Nassau, BAHAMAS – A magistrate on Thursday gave prosecutors more time to present evidence against Lindsay Shiver, the American housewife, accused of planning her estranged husband’s murder with two Bahamian co-conspirators.

Shiver, her boyfriend, Terrance Bethel and Faron Newbold Jr, who was allegedly enlisted to carry out the hit made a brief appearance before Acting Chief Magistrate Roberto Reckley.

Prosecutors were supposed to hand over the evidence that will be presented at their murder conspiracy trial. But, the police prosecutor, asked for more time, saying the documents weren’t ready.

Lawyers for the accused urged that there be no further delays in the case.

Shiver’s lawyer, Owen Wells, said that she was eager to get back to her three children.

As a condition of her $100,000 cash bail, Shiver can’t leave The Bahamas until the documents are served.

Meanwhile, Ian Cargill, who appears for Bethel and Newbold, said they had wasted money by traveling from Abaco to New Providence for the hearing.

Cargill said all the parties in the matter involved in the matter wanted the matter resolved so that they could get on with their lives.

Attorney Ciji Smith-Curry held a watching brief for Robert Shiver, the alleged target of the murder plot.