Charged with theft for keeping found cash

NASSAU- A man who found a bag of money while demolishing the Churchill Building was arrested for theft.

Leslie Bodie, 49, thought it was his lucky day when he made the unexpected find in a wall at the former site of the Public Treasury on September 17.

He held onto the windfall instead of turning the money in to authorities.

Police arrested Bodie at the Central Bank when he showed up to exchange the damaged notes for new ones.

Bodie, of South Beach, pleaded guilty to stealing $872 by finding at his arraignment.

However, authorities could not determine the total value of the money that Bodie found because most of the notes were too badly damaged.

Magistrate Shaka Serville placed Bodie on probation for three months.

The incident won’t show up on Bodie’s record if he stays out trouble during that period.

However, Bodie will be fined $500 should he breach the terms of his probation.

Bodie next returns to court in January 14.