Murder suspect breaks curfew

Nassau, BAHAMAS-A man free on bail awaiting trial for murder has admitted breaking the coronavirus curfew.

Police arrested Jadre Evans, who is otherwise known as Mice, when they stopped his car near Market Street and School Lane around 8:30pm.

Evans told the officers that he had just dropped his mother to work at the Princess Margaret Hospital.

Evans pleaded guilty to violation of curfew when he appeared before Chief Magistrate Joyann Ferguson-Pratt.

His lawyer Ian Cargill said that as a nurse, Evans’ mother was an essential worker.

The magistrate said this was a mitigating factor.

However, Evans still didn’t have permission to be on the streets. Ferguson-Pratt said Evans had a duty to call police for clearance to leave home during the curfew. She fined him $350 or six weeks in prison for the curfew breach.

Police have charged over 600 people with breaking the curfew intended to slow the local spread of the coronavirus.

Curfew violators could face prison sentences up to 18 months and fines up to $10,000.

Evans is on bail for the 2016 murder of Stephen Horton.

Prosecutors allege that Evans gunned down the high school student as he walked in Flamingo Gardens.

Last month, Magistrate Samuel McKinney placed Evans on probation for a year after he admitted hitting a girl who sent him a break-up text.

Evans could face a $500 or three months in prison for the probation breach.

Murder suspect gets probation for assault on girlfriend