Woman ‘headed’ to friend locked up for curfew breach

Nassau-A woman who thought getting “heads” was more important than obeying the coronavirus curfew rules has been fined $1,000.

Police detained 22-year-old Bissau Miller at the juncture of Gladstone and Carmichael Roads after 9pm, the court heard.

The officers charged Miller with breaking the curfew after she told them she was on her way to a friend to get some heads”.

Miller pleaded guilty to violating the curfew at an arraignment before Magistrate Samuel McKinney on Thursday, May 21.

She didn’t dispute telling officers about her head mission.

And she was vague when the magistrate asked why she didn’t remain at home as required by law.

Miller told the court, “I was heading home from picking up something from a friend in Coral Harbour.”

Miller said she knew the potential penalty for breaking the curfew.

However, the unspecified item “was important enough” to take that risk.

Miller didn’t lose her freedom because of her candour.

Instead, McKinney ordered her to pay a $1,000 fine to avoid serving a six-month prison sentence.

Risk-taker Miller said she couldn’t pay the entire amount at once because she’s jobless.

McKinney replied, “You should have taken that into consideration when you decided to leave home.”

Miller paid half of the fine and has until June 12 to pay the rest.

Although no one defined “heads” in court, we hope it was worth $1,000.

Curfew violators are liable to maximum fines of $10,000 and prison sentences of 18 months.

The restrictions on movement are intended to slow the transmission of the highly contagious coronavirus.

The disease has killed 11 people locally and more than 331,000 worldwide.

To date, officials have recorded 97 local cases.