Mom seeks help to bury murdered son

    NASSAU-A fundraiser has been launched to raise money for the family of murder victim Kenron Dean.

    Kenron, just 10, died tragically after gunmen fired into his family’s home on Finlayson and Bola Avenue on March 11.

    The GoFundMe fundraiser is to help with his funeral costs. So far $1,620 of the $7,500 target has been raised. To donate click here.

    Kenron’s heartbroken mom, Tera Dean, wrote on Facebook: “I never know I was ga been burying my son. I always thought my kids suppose to be burying me later down in life, but GOD had a next plan. Life so short bey. Cherish every moment with your love ones cuz this really hurt me.”

    Kenron’s twin, brother, his seven-year-old cousin were also wounded in the shooting.

    The crime remains unsolved.

    Anyone with information should call 502-9991 or Crime Stoppers on 328-8477.

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