‘They deserve no mercy’: Robbery victim’s son speaks out

    ACCUSED: Tyrone Neely (right) and his juvenile co-accused head to court

    NASSAU-A defenseless 93-year-old sustained life-changing injuries after he was beaten and robbed.
    Shopkeeper Wilfred Beneby’s daily routine was altered permanently on January 28 when thugs bashed in his skull with a hammer during a $500 robbery at his store on Lincoln Boulevard.
    His son, Ricardo Beneby, told Bahamas Court News, “Let me tell you this, my father will never be the same again. What they did to him he did not deserve. We now have to help him about, because he is weak and unsteady when he tries to walk. God has preserved his life.”
    Beneby hopes the courts show no mercy on his father’s attackers.
    He said, “They do not need to be shown any mercy. Why beat a defenseless 93-year-old in the head with a hammer and fracture his skull in two places?”
    Beneby said that his father’s head was bashed in so badly after the vicious attack that doctors had to put a metal plate in his skull.
    What’s more, he needed more than 30 heavy duty staples to hold his skull together, Beneby said.
    He said, “I couldn’t help but cry when I saw my dad in hospital, with his face and head bandaged up like a mummy. He could barely talk and was unrecognizable.
    “Yet, some mothers would have the gall to talk about their good son.”
    On Friday, two teens Tyrone Neely, 18, and a 16-year-old were charged with Mr Beneby’s armed robbery and attempted murder.
    They apologized for their actions in court and were remanded to prison.
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