Hold-up suspect jailed for tampering with ankle bracelet

NASSAU- A man who tampered with his ankle monitor to break his court-imposed curfew to buy his children food has been jailed for two months.

Police arrested armed robbery suspect Dylan Brown almost two hours past his 9pm bail curfew on November 19.

At around 10:55pm, officers were on mobile patrol through Fleming Street when they came across two men in a black Honda Accord.

The officers thought the men were behaving in a suspicious manner. This prompted the officers to search the suspects and the car for guns and drugs.

While the officers didn’t discover any contraband, they noticed that Brown had wrapped foil paper around his ankle monitor to interfere with its tracking ability.

Brown resisted when Constable 4158 Johnson placed him under arrest, and he kicked the officer several times during the struggle that followed.

Brown pleaded to violation of bail conditions, resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer when he appeared before Magistrate Subusola Swain on Tuesday, November 23.

He asked the Court for leniency, claiming that he had only violated the terms of his bail to buy food for his daughters, ages four and seven, because they were hungry.

According to Brown, he has sole custody of the children and he lives with his mother and grandmother.

He added, “I really apologise to the Court and it won’t happen again.”

According to him, he had already bought the two plates of food when police arrested him.

The Magistrate asked Brown why he was feeding the children so close to midnight. She added, “You had your mother and your grandmother at home why couldn’t they feed them?”

But Brown insisted that they didn’t have any food at home to cook.

Prosecutors can apply to have Brown’s bail revoked for failing to comply with the conditions of his release.