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COI supporter accused of death threats to PM

A man allegedly called a police station with an ultimatum: Release Lincoln Bain or Prime Minister Philip Davis is dead, a court heard.

Prosecutors say 21-year-old Isaac Roberts made the threatening call to the Central Police Station on February 8.

Constable 4508 Maycock said he became afraid after an unknown man made the demand for the release of the leader of the Coalition of Independents after 8am.

Bain had been arrested following a protest.

With help from BTC and Aliv, investigators determined that Roberts made the call.

He was arrested around 2pm and allegedly admitted to calling the station during a subsequent interview.

While Roberts said he had no plans to kill the prime minister, he told cops that someone else might because of the way the government handled immigration.

He claimed that “illegal immigrants” were working without permits and getting free land.

Roberts’ lawyer, Bjorn Ferguson, has argued that the case is flawed.

Although Roberts is accused of threatening the prime minister, he never made a complaint to the police.

As a result, he won’t be testifying.

The prosecution argued that the prime minister’s testimony isn’t necessary and that commissioner of police is the complainant.

Acting Chief Magistrate Roberto Reckley is hearing the case.

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