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Sicko Sidney jailed for six years for groping teen

NASSAU-A pervert with a lengthy history of sexual crimes was today jailed for six years for groping a teen in downtown Nassau.
Over and over, Sidney Cooper has been to prison for touching women he doesn’t know, but he reoffends, almost immediately, after release.
Cooper attacked the 18-year-old soon after his release from prison in June. He had been jailed in 2016 for groping a child and a policewoman while on trial.
Cooper, 43, has been diagnosed with frotteurism—
the practice of achieving sexual stimulation or orgasm by touching and rubbing against a person without the person’s consent and usually in a public place.
Cooper, who has an indecent assault record that dates back to 2000, says he can’t curb his sexual urges.
Magistrate Samuel McKinney has ordered him to see a psychiatrist while in prison.
Cooper groped a female cop on August 9 during his latest trial.

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