Man who beat up girlfriend for coming home late fined $1,100

NASSAU- A jealous man beat up his girlfriend after she came home late.

Emmanuel Knowles, 31, pleaded guilty to assault, causing damage and threats of death regarding the November 3 incident.

The court heard Knowles quizzed the woman about where she’d been when she returned to their Soldier Road home at 9:15pm.

He became enraged when she didn’t respond. Knowles threatened to kill the women before he broke a window on her car and damaged the bumper. Then, he beat the woman about the body.

In court, Knowles apologised for his actions.

Knowles claimed he was upset because his girlfriend came home past the 8pm curfew.

Assistant Chief Magistrate Subusola Swain fined Knowles $1,100 or three months in prison.

Additionally, he has to pay $410 for the repairs to the car and $500 in compensation to the woman so he won’t serve an additional 30 days in prison.