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Man kills fiancée, shoots himself

Nassau, Bahamas- A man shot and killed his fiancée before he tried to kill himself.

Fenron Ferguson is hospital after he allegedly shot Heavenly Terveus, the mother of his youngest son, in the head.

Fenron Ferguson and Heavenly Terveus in happier times

Police said the one-month-old was also taken to hospital. Terveus was reportedly breastfeeding her newborn when she was killed.

According to police, Ferguson went to the Miami Street home where Terveus lived with her family around 6:30pm on January 22.

Police said Ferguson went into her bedroom and locked the door behind him.

Soon after, the occupants of the home heard gunshots.

After they gained entry to the room, relatives met Terveus dead and Ferguson suffering from gunshot wounds.

Ferguson was on bail for another domestic incident involving a gun.

Last April, he was accused at shooting at Terveus’ sisters when they went to collect her from his place on Faith United Way.




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