Man jailed for taking loaded gun to work

Nassau- A man is in prison for taking a loaded gun to work.

Police arrested Prince Atherley, of Rupert Dean Lane, at Mars Bar after they found him with a concealed loaded 9mm pistol on December 30.

Officers patrolling Cambridge Lane saw Atherley, 32, sitting in a car outside the bar where he works.

They stopped and searched him for drugs and firearms because he was behaving in a suspicious manner. During the search, the officers removed a 9mm with eight rounds of ammunition from his waist.

Atherley pleaded guilty to possession of a firearm and ammunition at his arraignment on New Year’s Eve.

He asked the court for leniency. Atherley, who has no prior convictions, said his court appearance would be “his first and last.”

In sentencing Atherley to 15 months in prison, Deputy Chief Magistrate Andrew Forbes decried the high levels of gun violence in the country.