Deported Jamaican returns under new name

Nassau- A woman from Jamaica has been sentenced for re-entering The Bahamas under another name.
Shanice Silent, 24, of Kingston, Jamaica, was banned from returning after she was deported in 2016 for overstaying.
But Silent was able to beat the system with a name change and a new passport.
Traveling under the name Cataleya Forbes, Silent was admitted on November 3, 2019 and given permission to stay in the country until March 2020.
The deception was uncovered when Silent was arrested by immigration during a raid on a Nassau nightclub on January 11.
Her true identity was discovered following investigations. Silent admitted changing her name by deed poll and getting another Jamaican passport.
Silent pleaded guilty to misleading an immigration officer on Friday.
She was sentenced to one month in prison. Her sentence will be extended by six months if she doesn’t pay a $3,000 fine.
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