1 dead, 6 injured in nightclub brawl

Updated: An off-duty policeman shot and killed a man who allegedly shot three others outside the Prime Town Lounge on St Alban’s Drive on Monday morning.

NASSAU- One man is dead and five others are detained in hospital after a fight inside a nightclub on Monday morning.

Police said several fist fights and knife fights broke out inside the inside the Prime Time Lounge on St Alban’s Drive around 2am on December 26.

After the people involved in the fights were put out, a man allegedly shot three others.

An off-duty cop, who was working at the club, shot the man and seized his weapon.

The resident of Yellow Elder Gardens was taken to hospital, where he died.

According to police, two people were stabbed multiple times and three others were shot and another received head injuries during the brawl.

Police said one of the injured persons has been released from hospital while five others are detained in stable condition.

Police investigations are continuing.