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Teller awaits sentencing for $38,000 theft

Angel Hudson
Former teller supervisor Angel Hudson (right) is escorted to court

NASSAU- A former teller supervisor told police that she stole almost $38,000 from customers’ bank accounts because her salary wasn’t enough to cover her expenses.

Angel Hudson, 25, pleaded guilty to falsifying records and forging customers’ signatures to conceal the theft of the funds over an eight-month period.

She remains on remand awaiting sentencing.

Hudson worked at Commonwealth Bank in Spanish Wells, Eleuthera, for three years.

The scheme was uncovered when Tyrone Moss questioned withdrawals totaling $6,500 that took place when he was off the island.

An internal audit revealed that Hudson made the unauthorized withdrawals and then credited her account with the stolen money. Hudson used other tellers’ wickets to perform the transactions.

They did not question her because she was their supervisor.

The bank discovered that Hudson had stolen money from three other customers’ accounts.

In some instances, Hudson used the stolen money to repay her debts.

When arrested and questioned by police, Hudson said her “bills and expenses were too much for her to handle on a teller’s salary.”

Hudson’s lawyer Brian Dorsette acknowledged that her actions were inexcusable. However, he asked the court to be as lenient as possible.


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