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Suspended cop’s cleared of using excessive force

Inspector Christian Leary (Photo: Facebook)

NASSAU-A police inspector accused of using excessive force now has the green light to return to work.

Prosecutors dropped the charges against Inspector Christian Leary when he appeared before the Police Disciplinary Tribunal on Tuesday, his lawyer Bjorn Ferguson said.

As a result, Inspector Leary’s suspension from duty came to an end. He will also receive backpay.

Police Commissioner Paul Rolle suspended Inspector Leary on August 27, 2017, after charging him with using unnecessary force against Aaliyah Bain and Deja Laing.

They claimed Inspector Leary punched them in the face during a traffic stop on August 4, 2019.

Photos of blood streaming from the torn eyelid of one of his accusers went viral.

Last month Justice Loren Klein issued an injunction halting the disciplinary action, pending the determination of a judicial review application.

Mr. Ferguson has alleged that the police made procedural missteps in bringing the charges against his client..

Inspector Leary, 38, in an affidavit filed last year, alleged that then-acting Commissioner of Police Paul Rolle, did not follow the Police Act.

According to him, the Police Force failed to follow “the disciplinary procedure set out by the Police Service Commission”.

Inspector Leary said, “I am innocent of all the offences and I am confident that I will be exonerated of the offences for which I am charged.”

Leary said the reduction in salary caused him “undue hardship and economic loss.”

This affected his ability to make payments on an outstanding loan at Bahamas Law Enforcement Credit Union.

Inspector Leary’s lawsuit is still pending.

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