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Police kill three men in shootout

NASSAU-Police killed three men after one of them allegedly opened fire on officers from inside a car Saturday.

It all began when officers on patrol saw a tinted, white Honda Accord near the eastern side of the Spikenard Road Cemetery as a burial took place around noon.

According to Police Commissioner Paul, the driver left as the officers approached.

Soon after, the officers saw the same car through a side corner.

However, this time when an officer approached the car someone inside allegedly opened fire, Rolle said.

This officer retreated and his partner returned fire, killing all three men.

Rolle said the officers could not see inside the car due to the dark tints.

None of the officers were hurt in the exchange.

Police said they found a gun inside the vehicle. And investigators that the men were after someone attending the funeral.

Rolle said, “We won’t stand by and allow our officers to be injured or the public.”

The dead men, who were known to police, have been identified by their street names: Spider, Rider and Dog Bite.



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