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Court rejects serial groper’s bid for second appeal

serial groper Sidney Cooper
Sidney Cooper

NASSAU- The Court of Appeal has refused to allow serial groper Sidney Cooper another chance to challenge his six-year sentence for indecent assault.

Cooper on December 3 asked appellate court judges to use a rarely used discretion to reopen his appeal. The panel dismissed his appeal on February 16.

Cooper begged the Court to have mercy on him during the Christmas season because “six years is too much for a minor offence.”

But Justice of Appeal Stella Crane-Scott told Cooper that indecent assault was not a minor offence. She reminded him that he had a lengthy rap sheet for the same crime.

Cooper’s history of indecent assaults against women dates back to 2000. He reoffends, almost immediately, after release.

Cooper got his longest sentence for the indecent assault of an 18-year-old girl in downtown Nassau on June 16, 2019.

He committed that assault days after his release from prison for sexually touching a nine-year-old girl in 2016 and a policewoman. Cooper felt up the officer while on trial for groping the minor.

In February, Cooper argued that the magistrate exceeded his sentencing power as indecent assault attracts a maximum penalty of three years in prison.

However, the law allows for the penalty to be doubled for habitual offenders. The Justices of Appeal said, “We are satisfied that the magistrate was correct to impose the additional three years having regard to the fact that it is clear that the appellant is a habitual offender.”

However, with time off for good behaviour Cooper could serve only four years of that sentence before he’s released.

Cooper became upset when the appeal panel told him that he had to serve his sentence. He said, “This doesn’t make any sense; y’all joking.”

He continued his rant until the court’s clerk shut off his microphone and called another case.

Cooper has frotteurism. This means he’s turned on by touching and rubbing against strangers in public.

The Court of Appeal ordered authorities to ensure Cooper gets treatment, “so that when he is released from prison that this does not happen again.”



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