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Convicted killer loses appeal

NASSAU-A man will remain behind bars for a drive-by shooting that killed one person and injured another after a court dismissed his appeal.

Lynden Prosper, 32, is serving 42 years in prison for the murder of Sheria Curry and the attempted murder of her relative Shanko Smith.

Witnesses identified Prosper as one of two shooters who fired at the victims outside their home in Step Street, Fox Hill on November 3, 2010.

Additionally, a witness recalled that Prosper had threatened to kill Dario Knowles, a resident of the yard, the day before the shooting.

Prosper challenged the identification evidence during the appeal because police did not hold an identification parade.

However, all six witnesses claimed that they had known Curry “all their lives” and identified him by name prior to his arrest.

A jury unanimously convicted Prosper in 2016.

The Court of Appeal dismissed the appeal after finding no material irregularity occurred during the trial.

Deangelo Adderley, the alleged second shooter, hasn’t appealed.

Denard Davis, the driver, lost his appeal against conviction in 2018.


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