Accused killer loses bail appeal

NASSAU- A man accused of murder and attempted murder has lost his appeal against a judge’s decision to refuse him bail.

Lorenzo Wilson, 24, will now remain in custody at the Bahamas Department of Corrections until trial.

Prosecutors say that Wilson fatally shot Deano Gordon and opened fire on Superintendent Warren Johnson on April 7, 2020 at Hampton Street.

Gordon was at a yard where he did auto body work when a man armed with an assault rifle fatally shot him.

Superintendent Johnson, who was in the area, heard the gunshots and went to investigate. He allegedly recognized the gunman, who shot at him.

Johnson was not injured and returned fire on the gunman.

Wilson made his first court appearance in June 24, 2020.

Justice Deborah Frazier denied him bail on October 29, 2020.

Justices Sir Michael Barnett, Roy Jones and Carolita Bethell upheld the decision.

They said, “In our view, it was not unreasonable for the judge to have found that the appellant was a danger and not a fit person to be granted bail.

“It is unfortunate that the judge did not set out her reasons why she did not think any conditions could be imposed to ameliorate her concerns. This should have been done.

“We cannot say that the decision to deny bail was an unreasonable exercise of her discretion. We did not find any factor that the judge did not take into account; nor was there any fact that she took into account that she ought not have taken into account.”