Two charged in man’s murder in The Grove

Ombre Moss (pictured left) and Bernard Taylor (with cornrows) are charged with the last murder of 2019

Two charged in man’s murder in The Grove
Police have charged two men over an alleged plot to kill the country’s last murder victim of 2019.
Prosecutors allege that Ombre Moss and Bernard Taylor on December 29, 2019 conspired with others to kill Jermaine Williams.
Prosecutors say Moss carried out the plan the following day when Williams was gunned down at Second Street in Coconut Grove.
The suspects were not required to enter a plea at their initial court appearance.
They have been denied bail and return to court on February 25.
Moss complained that he was a victim of police brutality.
For his part, Taylor said police had not thoroughly investigated the matter because his ankle bracelet provided him with an alibi.
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