Trial of man accused of death threats over missing meal begins

Temiko Smith

NASSAU-A police officer allegedly failed to arrest a man whom he saw threaten his family at gunpoint, a court heard.

Prosecutors say that Temiko Smith terrorised his relatives because he couldn’t find his Christmas dinner leftovers.

The incident happened on Boxing Day at the family’s homestead on Plantol Street.

Smith’s sister Devonya Roberts said she decided to leave the house after he started cursing over the missing meal.

But her escape was hindered when her grandmother slipped and fell on a pathway outside their house, she said.

Roberts said while attending to her grandmother, her brother went to the side of the house and emerged with a handgun.

While brandishing the weapon, he allegedly said,“I’ll kill all of y’all.”

That’s when Roberts claims that Superintendent Lightfoot who lives in the neighbourhood came over and walked with her brother on the side of the house.

He was arrested after she reported the matter to a police station.

Roberts didn’t admit to eating her brother’s food when she took the stand. Neither did she say what was on his plate.

Smith’s trial for threats of death and assault with a deadly weapon continues.

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