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Rapper accused of murders denied bail

NASSAU- A judge has denied bail for rapper and accused killer Benji Jimbo.

Prosecutors say the 29-year-old rapper who sings about murders committed crimes in real life.

They allege that Benji Jimbo, whose real name is Braheem Charlton, is responsible for the August 9 murder of Dino Brown and the attempted murder of Dennis Bowles.

Both victims were shot in an ambush by two gunmen who emerged from a grey SUV, police said.

Charlton is also accused of the August 14 murder of Trainee Immigration Officer Laneisha Armbrister and the attempted murder of Drazen Dean.

The victims were stopped at an intersection in Victoria Gardens when the occupants of a grey SUV opened fire on their car, police said.

Charlton has been on remand at the prison since August.

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