Probe ordered into police car at black market liquor store

Nassau, BAHAMAS-Police Commissioner Paul Rolle has ordered an internal investigation into a social media that shows an unmarked police car at a liquor store.

The whistleblower recorded the illegal purchase of alcohol from a liquor store off Carmichael Road.

A curfew aimed at curbing community spread of the coronavirus closed all non-essential businesses, including liquor stores and bars, effective March 20.

The Royal Bahamas Police Force released a statement from the commissioner shortly after the video went viral.

The whistleblower claimed that police officers were facilitating the illegal sale of liquor, despite the ordered closures.

The statement said, “The commissioner is aware of a video circulating on social media of an unmarked police car on the premises of a liquor establishment.

“The commissioner wishes to inform the public that he has no authority to permit the sale of liquor by any establishment, nor did he sanction the presence of any police officer at any liquor licensed premises.”

The statement said that Deputy Commissioner Ismella Davis-Delancy, who is responsible for discipline, had been ordered to carry out an investigation into the video.

The statement promised that the results of the investigation would “be made public in due course.”


The decision to close liquor stores and bars in the fight against the coronavirus is an unpopular one.

However, Prime Minister Hubert Minnis has not relented from his position.

Minnis told Parliament last month, “I do not support it. Alcohol stores are closed and will remain closed.”

Leader of the Official Opposition Philip Davis, however, supports the operation of liquor stores.

He said, “The spirits industry should be allowed to operate in the manner and food stores and take-away restaurants.

“This will save the jobs of many who have been laid off, while easing the added pressure on law enforcement officers to police these establishments.”