Probation for women who bought stolen a/c units

NASSAU- Two women looking for bargains online bought stolen split air conditioning units, a court heard.

Nadia Oliver and Lurline Ferguson pleaded guilty to receiving stolen property on Thursday.

The women each paid $300 for the units that were stolen from Keithwood Stubbs’ vacant apartment last month.

Police recovered the stolen units from Oliver and Ferguson this week, with the help of the thieves.

Officers arrested Aaron Johnson, Darrio Wilson and Antwoyne Miller with two more split units August 10.

Police on static duty found the air conditioning units when they searched the car the men were traveling in.

While under arrest, the men took investigators to the people who bought Mr Stubbs’ property and police recovered the stolen goods, valued at $919.

Johnson, Wilson and Miller pleaded guilty to stealing the air conditioners from Mr Stubbs’ home.

They also pleaded guilty to unlawful possession of the units found in the vehicle.

Magistrate Samuel McKinney sentenced Oliver and Ferguson to probation for one year. A breach of probation will result in a $500 fine or three months in prison.

Magistrate Mckinney fined Johnson and Miller, who both have prior convictions $1,800 or six months in custody.

He fined Wilson $1,000 or six months in prison for his first conviction.