Man on bail for 3 murders is killed

NASSAU- A suspect in three murders became a statistic himself when he was gunned down Wednesday afternoon.

Eduardo Carey, 41, was ambushed by two gunmen as he left his family’s business on Quintine Alley around 5pm.

Carey, whose street name was Machine, was recently released on bail.

He was charged with three murders in October 2019 and had spent almost two years in custody awaiting trial.

Carey was accused of the December 15, 2018 murder of Ryan “Smokey” Butler and the attempted murders of Deangelo Bethel and Kevon Bethel at Ridgeland Park.

He was also accused of the August 25, 2019 murder of Justin Davis at Ross Corner and the September 15, 2019 murder of Anthony “Tutu” Wright on First Street.

In 2016, Carey was acquitted of the August 23, 2014 murder of Delano Brice, who was killed in a drive-by shooting while attending a funeral repast through Quakoo Street.