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Man convicted of teen’s 2004 rape and kidnapping

Nassau, BAHAMAS- A man who abducted a 14-year-old girl from her home, held her captive for four days and sexually assaulted has been convicted 19 years later.

Lincoln Poitier, 62, is expected to learn his fate for the January 2004 crimes on December 12.

Poitier was convicted of forcible detention, unlawful sexual intercourse and kidnapping.

He was a close friend of the now 34-year-old victim’s family and was allowed to take her to Junkanoo and other events.

But on January 3, Poitier betrayed the family’s trust and didn’t bring the girl home.

Instead, he handcuffed her and tied her to a tree in bushes near the Airport Industrial Park.

Poitier raped the teen twice during her captivity.

She was rescued on January 8 after she was able to slip out of her cuffs due to extreme weight loss.

Police didn’t catch Poitier until more than three years after the teen’s rescue.

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