Immigrant admits using fake birth certificate to get documents

NASSAU-A Haitian man used a fake Bahamian birth certificate to obtain a certificate of identity for his daughter and apply for a belonger’s permit, a court heard.

Jackson Similien, 41, was sentenced to three years’ imprisonment on February 10 after pleading to charges of possession of a forged document, uttering a forged document, fraud by false pretenses and attempted fraud by false pretenses.

Similien told investigators that he had bought the birth certificate, later found to belong to someone else, for $1,000.

He first used the birth certificate in 2014 to get a certificate of identity from the Passport Office for his child who was born in Haiti.

Two years later he used the certificate to apply for belonger’s status from the Department of Immigration.

Once he serves his sentence, Similien will be deported to his native Haiti.

Similien was in the country on a work permit as a handyman.

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