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Cop arrests man after he refuses to stay away from his ex

NASSAU-A man got rowdy in a police station after cops warned him to stay away from his ex-girlfriend.

Nicko Petit, 25, pleaded guilty to a charge of disorderly behavior in a police station at his arraignment before Assistant Chief Magistrate Subusola Swain.

Petit was at the East Street South Police Station on May 28 because his former girlfriend claimed that he had threatened her.

However, the woman didn’t press charges. Instead she asked police to warn Petit.

But Petit got upset when Officer 2290 Chisholm told him to stay away from the woman and not to contact her.

That’s when Petit shouted, “No one can tell me what to do. This is a free country and I will do whatever I wish.”

Officer Chisholm arrested Petit after he refused to calm down.

Petit asked the court to be lenient. He said the incident was out of character and that he’d let his emotions get the best of him.

Swain granted Petit a conditional discharge for six months. If he stays of out trouble for this period, he’ll get an absolute discharge. However, he’ll spend one month in prison if he breaches the condition.


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