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Bow was third brother to be murdered

Nassau- Gang member Amal “Bow” Hunter is the third brother from the same family to be murdered.

Hunter, 33, was fatally shot in an ambush attack at Pitt Road on December 30.

Another man, Calvin Archer, who was in the area waiting on a ride, was also killed in the incident.

Amal Hunter, 33, was shot to death at Pitt Road on December 30

Hunter, who was on bail for the 2017 murder of Kino Kelly-Bastian, survived a prior attempt on his life in November 2019 when a gunman shot him in the head.

Hunter had beaten two other murder cases after judges tossed his confessions on technicalities.

In 2017, Hunter’s younger brother Randolph Stanisclas was murdered in Kemp Road.

Randolph Stanisclas murdered in 2017

The 18-year-old was riding his bicycle near Uriah McPhee Primary when a car pulled up alongside him and gunmen shot him multiple times with an AK-47 assault rifle.

At the time of his murder, Stanisclas was on bail for harbouring Hunter while police sought him for the murder of Kelly-Bastian.

20-year-old Rakeem Austin was shot dead in 2015

Another brother Rakeem Austin, 20, was murdered in 2015. He was shot after a fight broke out at a wake in Culmersville.

None of the brothers’ killers have so far been brought to justice and there have been no arrests for the latest murder.

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